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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We have a new look and with that new links to the different pages, events & documents.

Please navigate through our new website to get familiar with all the new pages & links.


Here is an outline of where all the pages & info is located on the website:

  • Home :: Find news, updates & events announcements.

  • About Us :: Find District's, COTN's & District Leaders' information; Photos, Videos & VTU links

  • Calendar :: Find the District's Calendar & Upcoming Events' Details

  • Reporting :: Find links to Monthly Reporting, Funding the Mission, APR, Assembly Forms, Stats Data.

  • Resources :: Find Resources for Pastors & Churches; documents and other site links

  • Ministries :: Find a page for each District Ministry, on which you will find the updates, events details & announcements of each ministry.

  • Online Giving :: Find links for Monthly Budgets, Payments & Pledges, & NMI Check Donations information.


If you are looking for something else not mentioned above feel free to SEARCH our site or CONTACT us at or by sending us a message thru the CHAT option on the website.

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