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Senior / Lead Pastors are required to submit monthly statistics to the District Superintendent.

Select a zone to submit your church's monthly statistics report.

If you are unsure which zone to report under, click the Church list by Zone button to check.

What are we reporting?

1. Report the average monthly worship attendance.
2. Report the average number of persons attending Discipleship Gatherings (Small group or Sunday School)
3. Report the Accountability Care List (formerly the Responsibility List).
4. Report the number of conversions.
5. Report the number of baptisms you performed over the past month.
6. Report the number of new members added to the local church.
7. Report the number of guests in your ministry events over the previous month. 
8. Report the number of Community Activities/Ministries
9. Optional: Share a story beyond the numbers. Stories are extremely powerful

Each local church should report by the 2nd of each month.
If you need additional information, contact Greg Norwood, district statistician, at

Monthly Reporting
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NDI Bylaws & New Reporting Guidelines

NDI Accountability Care List (ACL)

SECTION 1. Each local church should strive to reach all unsaved persons in the community. In order to accomplish this goal, the NDI ministry of the local church shall create and sustain an up-to-date Accountability Care List (ACL). An ACL should include the name and contact/follow-up information for every person who regularly attends any of its NDI ministries and any individual the local church has encountered through outreach ministries or relational discipleship/evangelism. Once a person is added to the ACL, the local church should actively seek to minister to that person in the name of Jesus as he or she is brought into the fellowship of the local church.

The ACL should be divided among active NDI ministries across the church to include all those contained on the full list. Teachers/leaders of each ministry shall facilitate regular care and connection between the local congregation and those on the ACL.

The ACL shall become an active prayer list for the church through its regular NDI ministries. The ACL should prompt the local church to build Christ centered relationships with all people on the list. The ACL is intended to provide relational accountability for the body of Christ to its responsibility in the community.

The total number of all individuals on the ACL is to be reported in the Annual Pastor’s Report. The ACL includes all age groups and all NDI ministries. (For a full description of the varying NDI ministries refer to your regional handbook.)

SECTION 2. The following groups of people shall be included on the ACL. A person may attend more than one group. In this instance the ACL grouping represents the group for ensuring accountability for discipleship of that person.


  a. Sunday School/Bible Studies/Small Groups/Home Groups: All those who regularly attend regular small groups of any kind in the church should be included on the ACL.

​  b. One-on-one Discipleship/Mentoring: Any individual being discipled or mentored by someone in the church should be included on the ACL list.

  c. Online outreach ministries: Any individual who visits the church through technology should become a part of an online ACL list.

​  d. Home Bound: Any person relationally connected to a local church who is physically or vocationally unable to attend a regular NDI ministry should be listed on the ACL.

  e. Nursing Home/Convalescent Center/Health Care Facility, etc.: Any resident confined to one of these centers who is relationally connected to a local church shall be included on the ACL.

  f. Childcare/Schools: Any group of students in a Nazarene childcare/school (birth-secondary) sponsored/operated by a local Church of the Nazarene.

  g. Students: When students of the church leave for educational purposes, the role of the local church is not completed. These students shall continue to be on the ACL. The sending church should regularly reach out to the student in loving care.

  h. Child Development Centers (CDC): Sponsored/operated by a local Church of the Nazarene.

SECTION 3. Review of Names/Removal of Names
The ACL shall be reviewed and updated quarterly by the local NDI board in consultation with the pastor.
Caring responsibility for a person or family on the ACL may be transferred from one NDI ministry group to another with the approval of the local NDI board.

Removing names from the church’s master ACL should only be done with the approval of the pastor when a person:

  a. moves out of town.
  b. joins another church.
  c. specifically asks to have his or her name removed.
  d. has not attended for one year and has been faithfully ministered to by an appropriate NDI leader (with the exception of d. , e. and g in Section 2) .


The purpose of counting and reporting NDI attendance in the local church is to help measure the effectiveness of that church’s effort to make Christlike disciples, fulfilling the purpose of NDI. All NDI efforts should lead to the lost coming to faith in Jesus, new Christians being established in their faith in Christ, and believers experiencing the fullness of the Spirit, maturing in grace, and becoming disciple-makers. NDI attendance measures, therefore, should reflect this desired purpose.

NDI attendance includes all NDI ministries. These ministries shall be counted each week by the local church according to the guidelines listed below and in Article III, Section 1 above.

The regional NDI office shall obtain reports of the ACL and NDI attendance from each district in order to compile an accurate account of NDI growth within the denomination annually.

SECTION 1. Definitions and Reports
The attendance of all Discipleship Ministry groups shall be defined as persons involved in Bible engagement and its application of the biblical principles for Christlikeness.

 a. NDI attendance should consider:

  1. How many individual people is the local church engaging with along their discipleship journey? In this case, every individual is counted only once. This number allows the church to evaluate the effectiveness (growth or decline) of reaching new people from its community.

  2. How many discipleship “touches” occur during any given week/month? With NDI’s purpose of walking with every individual into a deeper experience with God toward holiness, believers may attend multiple NDI activities during any given period of time. The purpose of this number is to see the full effect of the discipleship effort of a local church. People, in this category, may be counted more than once as they may attend more than one meeting each week.

 b. Attendance figures from all discipleship ministries groups shall be reported regularly to the local church board and on the Annual Pastor’s Report.

 c. The District NDI Board, in consultation with the district superintendent, shall determine the frequency of the reporting (monthly, quarterly, or annually). All reporting will be submitted to the district.

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NDI Bylaws

Find the complete 2022 NDI Bylaws and Reporting Guidelines on the links below. 

NDI by laws & guidelines

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Funding the Mission
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