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Monthly Stats

Senior / Lead Pastors are required to submit monthly statistics to the District Superintendent.

Select a zone to submit your church's monthly statistics report.

If you are unsure which zone to report under, click the Church list by Zone button to check.

What are we reporting?

1. Report the average monthly worship attendance.
2. Report the average number of persons attending Discipleship Gatherings (Small group or Sunday School)
3. Report the Accountability Care List (formerly the Responsibility List).
4. Report the number of conversions.
5. Report the number of baptisms you performed over the past month.
6. Report the number of new members added to the local church.
7. Report the number of guests in your ministry events over the previous month. 
8. Report the number of Community Activities/Ministries
9. Optional: Share a story beyond the numbers. Stories are extremely powerful

Each local church should report by the 2nd of each month.
If you need additional information, contact us at

NDI Bylaws & New Reporting Guidelines

Find the complete 2022 NDI Bylaws and Reporting Guidelines on the links below. 

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Monthly Reporting
NDI by laws & guidelines
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Does your church uses "Funding the Mission"?

ALL churches should be using FTM to report their monthly income & to pay the World Evangelism Fund (WEF), Pensions and Benefits (P&B) & other Missions offerings. This is a great tool that automatically updates your funds and donations.


Virginia District Higher Education

Mail to: Virginia District COTN

            5906 Harbour Park Drive,

            Midlothian, VA 23112

​The DRC is available to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (804) 739-4884 or email us at

Funding the Mission
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