(Access each form or report by clicking on the report name.)

APR worksheet - use this form to gather the information needed to complete your annual report.

Annual Pastor's Reportlogin to your Nazarene Account at and file your report there.


Oral (Written) Report -  We know that the story of a local church is more than the sum of statistics on a page. The real story of the church is in transformed lives and ministries. Every year a highlight of the District Assembly has been to hear the oral report of the pastor which shares these stories. Since we are not gathering for an assembly this year, we still are asking of every pastor to prepare a 160-word written report (due to the DRC by April 13, 2020, see online form!) which will be shared with General Superintendent, Dr. Carla Sunberg. A PDF copy of these reports will be collated and available for those who wish to read them. The report is to be a missional story that focuses on either: (a) a person who has been converted during the last 12 months by accepting Christ as Savior (transformed to new life in Christ); or (b) tell about a new congregation started through your ministry, or (3) a creative way in which the church adapted to the mission of the Church during the pandemic. NEW: Please complete online.


Ministry (Handbook) HighlightEvery pastor of every congregation is asked to provide a different 80-120 word written "Handbook Highlight" (topic is at the discretion of the pastor and is also due to the DRC by April 13) which will be included in the delegate handbook under the heading of each church. You are free to highlight any area of Church ministry you prefer in the Handbook Highlight. NEW: Please complete online.

The Deceased Church Members form - Please include only those who were church members at the time of their demise. If you did not have anyone pass away, please return the form with your church's name and N/A on the form. NEW: Please complete online.


District Journal church officers update - This will be emailed out to all lead/senior pastors. Please update your current listing marking any changes you may make in red. Please include an email address & phone number for everyone on your list. Then, email the list back to Rev. Bill Dillon in a Word document, not a PDF file.


  • The Church Certificate of Elections

  • Alternate Delegate Seating for Assembly

  • NMI Convention Delegates

  • Tracy Spaur Lay Servant Nomination Form

  • GS Growth Award Worksheet

  • District Assembly -- Awards & Recognition Worksheet


Other Annual Reports Needed

Annual Report of the COTN Minister

If you have ordained elders or district licensed ministers on your staff or if you have retired elders in your church, please make sure that they download the proper report form and return it to Rev. Bill Dillon at All elders and district licensed ministers are required by Manual to file a yearly report.

NMI President's Year-End Reports

(1) Annual NMI President's Report

(2) Contact information of your local NMI leadership


You may type directly onto the President's Report. The Council Contact form will require you to use the "Fill and Sign" tool of Adobe Reader to enter data on the form. It is VERY important to get the email address of the Local NMI President. Please complete as much of these forms as possible and then send them back to me before May 15, 2020. You can print and fill out the form and send it back to:

David Woods, NMI Secretary

3207 Saint Charles Street, Hopewell, VA 23860

Or, you can save the completed forms as computer files and email them to


Please make sure that you save them with a distinctive name associated with your church and email the completed forms back to David Woods. If you do not remember to save the documents to your computer, you may accidentally send us back blank forms. Check to be sure that any email attachments that you send me are filled out.


Thank you for completing these reports and returning them to David Woods as soon as possible. If you have questions, you may contact him at 

NYI Convention Delegates

Please complete and return the NYI Delegation Form to Tina Nelson by email at or by mail to 10311 Cooktown Rd, Bridgewater, VA. 22812


District Resource Center (DRC)

District Resource Center

5906 Harbour Park Drive

Midlothian, VA 23112, USA 739-4884

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