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  • VA Naz Man Camp 2021

    October 29-31, 2021 Visit the event page on our website for more details: Download the flyer:

  • CELEBRATE : A Gathering of Virginia Nazarenes Celebrating Mission and Ministry

    July 27-28, 2021 A joint District Assembly, NMI and SDMI Convention event, called “CELEBRATE! 2021”is planned for July 27 & 28 starting at 1:15PM on Tuesday (Check-In starts at 11AM) and ending at 4:30PM on the 28th. This unified event includes District Assembly, NMI and SDMI business and inspiration. CELEBRATE! 2021 will be held at the Virginia Nazarene Retreat Center (VNRC) in beautiful Buckingham, VA. All pastors, associates, elected delegates are members of this gathering and invited (expected) to participate. Starting at 1:15PM on Tuesday, July 27 (Check-In starts at 11AM), we will have the business of the SDMI Convention, the NMI Convention and the District Assembly in four sessions (2 on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday, including the Ordination Service which will be on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30PM). When first drafted plans were made for District Assembly we thought that the use of the DAC might be helpful, but we have always preferred that the delegation conduct all the business, including: inspiration, education, networking, ordination and balloting/elections. Thankfully, the pandemic restrictions have been lifted and we are able to meet in a manner more closely to “normal”. The capacity of the Keys Tabernacle seating is approximately 800. There are no seating capacity or social distancing limitations currently in place. We Hope To See You at the 2021 District Assembly! Do you still have questions? Find answers to frequently asked questions by reviewing the District Assembly FAQs below or visit the District Assembly page on our website. English FAQs: Preguntas Frequentes - (Spanish FAQs): District Assembly Schedule​ Tuesday 27 11:00am -1:00pm Registration & Check-In (Tabernacle) 1:15pm - 4:45pm Assembly Business (& kids session) Celebrate Session #1 (& kids session) 4:15pm - 6:15pm Dinner & Free Time 5:45pm - 6:45pm Registration & Check-In (Tabernacle) 6:45pm - 8:45pm Celebrate Session #2 (& kids session) ​ Wednesday 28 8:15am - 8:45am Registration & Check-In (Tabernacle) 8:45am - 12:00pm Assembly Business Celebrate Session #3 (& kids session) 12:00pm - 2:15pm Lunch & Free Time 2:30pm - 4:30pm Ordination Service (& kids session) 4:30pm - 7:00pm Dinner and Free Time 7:00pm - 9:00pm DIG Campmeeting Service (& kids session) ​ ​ Important Details: Pre-Registration is REQUIRED. PLEASE REGISTER NOW! Check-In/Register at Keys Tabernacle One Check-In includes all CELEBRATE! 2021 business/session. Delegate Handbook printing is limited to 2 copies per church. Download your copy to your electronic device prior to coming to Assembly. (Available on July 10th, 2021) COVID Protocols will be followed :: As per the CDC and the governor of Virginia we encourage those who have not yet been fully vaccinated to wear a mask.” Lunch & Dinner on your own Kids session: Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. (No Toddler or Infant care will be provided) Location: Virginia Nazarene Retreat Camp 1151 High School Rd., Buckingham, VA 23921 ​ Assembly Business & CELEBRATE! Sessions will be live streamed in English & Spanish at: English: Spanish: REGISTRATION is now OPEN!!! La REGISTRACION ya está ABIERTA !!!

  • A Celebration of Grace :: June 27

    The Board of General Superintendents is inviting Nazarenes from around the world to A Celebration of Grace, a 24-hour global worship service on Sunday, 27 June 2021. The hour-long service will focus on the new denominational discipleship initiative, Nazarene Discipleship: A Journey of Grace. Each general superintendent will share a message about God’s grace as persons are drawn into an ever-increasing relationship with God. Find links to the different languages broadcast by visiting: Watch on Facebook at:

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  • SDMI | Virginia Nazarene

    SDMI Devotional Previous Devotionals What is SDMI? ​ SDMI Mission Statement The mission of Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) is to carry out the Great Commission to children, youth, and adults in preparation for a lifetime of Christian holiness. ​ Purpose The purpose of the Sunday School is threefold: To teach the Word of God effectively until pupils are saved, sanctified wholly, and maturing in Christian experience. To help Christians grow spiritually by involving them in a reaching, teaching, and soul-winning ministry. To locate and visit unchurched people until they become enrolled and regular in attendance. To achieve this mission and purpose, Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International is responsible for providing outreach, teaching, and equipping ministries to all age-groups. The Sunday School is the foundation ministry for Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International. Every church should provide this ministry even if it can provide no others. However, Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International also includes additional Sunday, weekday, annual, and special ministries, and training. SDMI Objectives The objectives of Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International are: To locate and reach the largest possible number of unchurched people for Christ and the church. To bring the unchurched into the fellowship of the church. To teach the Word of God effectively in order to lead people into salvation and the experience of entire sanctification. To teach the doctrines of the Christian faith revealed in the Bible and interpreted by the Articles of Faith of the Church of the Nazarene; to develop the simplicity and spiritual power of Christlike character, attitudes, and habits; and to establish Christian homes. To prepare believers for membership in the Church of the Nazarene. To motivate and equip believers for involvement in appropriate Christian ministry. ​ ​ LINKS Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International (Denominational Site) The Discipleship Place / CLT - Lay Ministry Program Gotandem .com (FREE-discipleship mobile app) SDMI Ministries & Events Children's Ministry Children's Quizzing Kidz Camp VANaz Ladies Retreat Man Camp A Journey of Grace The Board of General Superintendents announced a new denominational initiative, Nazarene Discipleship: A Journey of Grace, to provide a framework for discipleship in the Church of the Nazarene. Read the Article: BGS unveils denominational discipleship initiative Visit the website: A Journey of Grace Click Here to sign up to receive SDMI Connections in your inbox! SDMI Current Updates VA Naz Man Camp 2021 135 Write a comment A Celebration of Grace :: June 27 25 Write a comment Children's Quizzing 2021-2022 10 Write a comment VA Naz Ladies Retreat 2021 47 Write a comment 2021 Kidz Camp :: Worker's Needed 47 Write a comment 2021 Kidz Camp "Campfire Stories" 52 Write a comment Actualización del Equipo de Virginia :: Mayo 2021 1 Write a comment Virginia Team Update :: May 2021 46 Write a comment SDMI Previous Updates VA Naz Man Camp 2021 a day ago 135 0 Post not marked as liked A Celebration of Grace :: June 27 May 28 25 0 Post not marked as liked Children's Quizzing 2021-2022 May 28 10 0 Post not marked as liked VA Naz Ladies Retreat 2021 May 26 47 0 Post not marked as liked 2021 Kidz Camp :: Worker's Needed May 26 47 0 Post not marked as liked 2021 Kidz Camp "Campfire Stories" May 24 52 0 Post not marked as liked 1/4 SDMI Council PHIL FULLER District Superintendent Ex-officio Member CAMELOT SHUFF SDMI Chair-2023 PAM EDELMAN District SDMI Secretary WALT KRINER District SDMI Treasurer GREG NORWOOD Accountability and Statistics Director THERESA KRINER Women's Ministry Director MIKE HANCOCK Children's Ministry Director LYNN RIDDLE 2019-Children's Camp Director MARK BROWN 2020 Children's Camp Director ANNETTE DICKEY Children's Quizzing MEGAN BILLET Laity Representative-2021 ROBIN HATCHER Laity Representative-2022 CAROL THOMAS Laity Representative BRIAN YOUNG Laity Representative-2022 JULIE MILLER Clergy Representative CAMERON DUNLOP Clergy Representative-2022 DAVID KRINER Clergy Representative-2021 In Transition Clergy Representative

  • District Ministries | Virginia District Church of the Nazarene

    DISTRICT MINISTRIES Black Ministries Children's Quizzing Children's Ministry DCPI DTC Ministerial Credentials Ministerial Studies Properties Board Virginia Nazarene Retreat Center

  • Teaching Church | Virginia Nazarene

    A peer-to-peer learning experience which helps us be better equipped, empowered, and encouraged. Contacts: ​ WEST Rev. Adrian Mills Email: Harrisonburg First COTN ​ EASTERN Rev. Camelot Shuff Email: Newport News COTN ​ NORTH Rev. Kelly Padgett Email: Salem Fields Community COTN An email with information for the classes will go out the month of the event. LATEST UPDATES Posts are coming soon Stay tuned...

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