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The payment method for the education budget has changed.

By approval of the 2023 Virginia District Church of the Nazarene Assembly, Educational Apportionments (ENC budget) which support higher education in the Church of the Nazarene will now be collected and disbursed through the District Resource Center. This will enable us to better track your contributions and to ensure that each church is credited correctly for educational giving.  This transition also empowers us to explore alternative methods to educate and train Nazarene pastors and leaders to serve Christ, the Church, and the world.

You can now send payments to the Education Budget by mail to the DRC.

Please make the checks payable to Virginia District Higher Education.

Mail to: Virginia District COTN

5906 Harbour Park Drive,

Midlothian, VA 23112

You can also submit payments to the Education Budget online via our Online Giving Platform or via the Breeze App or Breeze Online Platform by selecting the 2023-2024 Higher Education Fund from the dropdown menu.

Important Instructions:

  • If your monthly apportionment will be $100 or less, you can use the online giving platform.

  • If your apportionment is greater than $100, we ask that you please mail us a check.

Do you still have questions or need more information?

  • Visit the FAQ section below to get answers to your questions.

  • ​The DRC is available to answer any questions you may have.

  • Call us at (804) 739-4884 or email us at


What if we have already sent a check to ENC? That is not a problem, but going forward, please send these funds directly to the District Resource Center office. If you have already sent money to ENC and you would like for us to update the Funding the Mission site for you, please provide us with a copy of your cancelled checks or your online receipts from those deposits.

Will we get credit in Funding the Mission when sending funds to the district? Yes, all Higher Education funds we receive will be entered into Funding the Mission on your behalf.

What is the best method for sending these funds? If your monthly apportionment is $100 or less, you may use Breeze. To give through Breeze, go to, online giving tab, Donate Now, choose Give to 2023- 2024 Higher Education Fund. If your apportionment is greater than $100, please mail a check made payable to Virginia District Higher Education Fund, at the District Resource Center office at: Virginia District COTN ATTN: Higher Education Fund: 5906 Harbour Park Drive Midlothian, VA 23112

Why are we changing the method of giving Educational Apportionments? Two reasons: (1) Keeping track of apportionment giving at ENC has been challenging due to staffing cuts at ENC. Having the District provide this bookkeeping service allows every local church to have a clearer and more timely report on their full apportionment giving. (2) The vision for Nazarene Higher Education involves Eastern Nazarene College while recognizing that our own training centers and the Nazarene Bible College have key roles in providing training for our ministers and laypeople to serve our Savior, the Church, and the world to the eternal glory of God the Father.

Are these funds going to be used by the District? All of these funds will be kept in a separate account apart from District Operations and are only to be used for funding Higher Education.

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