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Meet Our Newly Assigned Pastors

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Rev. Jacob (Kari) Snyder

Tidewater Central

May 2020

Rev. Nathan Rice


July 2020

Rev. Kawika (Valerie) Sever


July 2020

Rev. James (Rose) Heyward

Fredericksburg Salem Fields Community

August 2020

Rev. Lee (Summer) Schnelle


October 2020

Rev. Steve (Dorothy) Roberson

Riverdale Living Well

(a PAC of Salem Living Well)

October 2020

Rev. Matt (Laura) Ryba

Annandale Calvary

October 2020

Mr. Jared (Ashlea) Link

Elkton East Rock

(a PAC of Harrisonburg First)

November 2020

Rev. Bobbie Jo (Marlon) King

Norfolk Living Water

(a PAC of VB1)

January 2021

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