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Teaching Church West : February 2020

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Thursday, February 6


Harrisonburg First Church of the Nazarene

A peer-to-peer learning experience which helps us be better equipped, empowered, and encouraged.

This month we are thrilled to highlight two specific topics:

“Ministering Within Your Context” In order to reach the world around us we must become students of the culture and community where God has planted us. Pastor Cameron Dunlap shares about his experience in ministering within the inner-city of Roanoke and will help us all gain a better understanding of ministering faithfully where we are planted.

“A Life In Contrast” In the midst of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus presents a kingdom that is rather “upside down” compared to the way many of us live today. Todd Thomas will share insights behind his book and his long journey into understanding the way Jesus teaches us to live, and how that is often in contrast to the way many, even within the church, choose to live.

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