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FTM (Funding The Mission) 3.0 Tips

Updated: May 17, 2023

It has been almost one month since the launch of the new Funding the Mission website. We hope you have been able to login and explore the new website, and we thank you so much for your generous giving. As we are communicating with our users, we wanted to send some helpful tips to our generous partners.

Tip #1 – Remember that if it is your first time logging into the website, although your email username should be the same as the previous site, you will need to reset your password first. For a how-to guide on this process, please visit this link and select “How to Change your Nazarene Account Password.”

Tip #2 – All users must use a personal account to enter FTM 3.0. You will not be able to use an account of a previous treasurer or pastor. To set your own account, contact us at and provide the information found at this link.

Tip #3 – FTM 3.0 has a drop-down menu to select your giving options on the contributions page. Remember to select your giving category first and then select the drop-down menu below that window to send a specific fund gift.

Tip #4 – FTM 3.0 does not have a “write-in” option like the previous website. However, under the fund menu, you will find a “Search for Additional Project” option that allows you to search for a specific project (see picture below).

If you have difficulty during the login process, please visit our FTM resources page or feel free to email our team at May God continue to bless your ministry as you serve Christ and His Church! Stewardship Development Church of the Nazarene

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