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Native American Christian Academy

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Nearly sixty years ago, a Nazarene woman named Gertrude Jones had a vision: A Christian K-12 school for the Native American community. In 1963, the school was finished and named Sun Valley Indian School. In the recent past, it had to stop at the eighth grade level but in 2020, there was one senior graduate.

Nazarenes around the nation have donated money, time and labor for what s now called Native American Christian Academy. It is approved for 10% missions giving although it is not owned by the Church of the Nazarene. Now we in the Virginia District can help.

Coke products have a code on the bottle cap that is worth five cents for a participating school, public and private. I have started a drive to get coke lids for NACA.


Trip to Native American Christian Academy

Dates: March 5 – 12, 2022

  • Cost: $330/person for Room/Board and supplies ($280 if under 15)

  • Airfare: $500-$600

  • If driving: 30 hrs driving time - cost will be about the same

  • Van rental: about $500-$600 (divided among team)

  • Misc.: $200 for site seeing, shopping, eating out, etc.

  • Insurance: $16 - Domestic insurance - $2/day

  • Total: $1100-$1300 depending on how much you want to spend

Deposit of $250 and $130/person needs to be sent now – 6 months prior to trip.

Supply money due 3 months prior to trip. This is the remainder of the $330/person.

Insurance: $2 X 8 - $16 needs to be sent in 30 days prior to the trip.

If driving, plan on being at the school by the evening of the 5th.

We will need to do our own cooking or going out Thursday – Saturday. Students will be on spring break.

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