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Ever have questions about what numbers should be reported or when to report them?  The following refresher course should be helpful.  Pastors, pass this along to the person responsible for reporting.
1. Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries monthly average - To get this figure, add the Regular Sunday School session & Extended Ministries attendance.  It's usually a good idea for local churches to report Regular Sunday School and Extended Ministries to the district (or zone) separately (since they will have to keep them separate on the annual report), but the district should combine the figures into one figure when reporting to the SDMI office at Nazarene Headquarters.  Remember that if a person is counted in the Regular Sunday School session, he/she should not be counted in the Extended ministries for the same week.
2. Total Responsibility List - To get this figure, add the Active Responsibility List, Prospect List and Outreach Lists.
3. Primary Worship monthly average.
What defines a "Sunday School session"?  There are three criteria:
1. Meets on a weekly basis
2. Spends a minimum of 30 minutes in Bible study, using approved curriculum & leader
3. Comes under the responsibility of the local reporting church
Our goal ultimately is to have a good grasp on the number of individuals we are ministering to on a weekly basis.
For more information and helpful explanations, please refer to the reporting instructions at
When are reports due?  Each local church should report to their zone by noon on the Monday following the last Sunday of the month.
How to report?  Select your church from the drop down menu and enter the information. Hit "SEND" to complete the report. If you need additional information, contact Greg Norwood, district statistician, at or 804-746-3900.  


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