Momentum for the Mission
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    God's Plan for a Successful Church
    Healthy Congregations
    What is Required of Congregations Revitalization

The Church of the Nazarene -- The official website of the Churches of the Nazarene
Soul Care -- A Monday to Friday Inspirational e-mail communique' for pastors
Virginia District Teen Quizzing -- The official website for Virginia Teen Bible Quizzing
Clergy Appreciation Month -- Web site sponsored by Focus on the Family
Nazarene Bible College -- Certificate and Degree level ministerial preparation
Nazarene Theological Seminary -- Graduate Level Ministerial Preparation
Eastern Nazarene College -- Liberal Arts College located in Quincy, Massachusettes
Holiness Today.Org -- Online e-zine
Link to "Creative Christian Ministries"  
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Bible Gateway -- Excellent Online Bible Resource in multiple versions and languages
Clergy Development -- Online resources for Nazarene (and other) clergy -- Online resources for Nazarene (and other) clergy
Preacher's Magazine -- Online resource for Nazarene (and other) pastors
Wesley Center for Applied Theology -- online Wesleyan theological resources
Internet Christian Library -- contains one of the largest and most complete archiving of "classical" Christian materials available on the Internet
American Religion Data Archive -- Online religion data archive