Churches Resourcing Churches

If you are a fan of craigslist, then we hope Churches Resourcing Churces will be of great use to you and your congregation. The District Resource Center will be posting items available from local churches / individuals for use in local Nazarene congregations, as well as posting items requested by local Nazarene congregations for which they are seeking donations.

* Please note that this is a resource for churches only, and while individuals may submit available items for donation / reduced-sale to Nazarene congregations, individuals may not purchase or obtain these items for their own personal (non-ministry) use.

Thank you for your cooperation and resources, and we look forward to seeing how our churches can help meet one another's needs!


Brad Billet (West Point COTN) has a metal desk (60x30x29) available.  It is black with wood-grain top.  The only cost would be the gas to pick it up.  Contact Brad @ 804-246-9359 (cell)  OR  (Posted ~ November 16, 2017)


Rev. Charles Tillman (Woodville COTN) has two 16 foot padded pews (burgundy) and a piano that they no longer need.  They are doing some remodel work and need these items gone as quickly as possible.  Please contact Rev. Tillman if you know who may be in need of these items.   804-938-1450
(Posted ~ June 21, 2017)


Virginia Beach First is purging it's music library and giving free to a good church home the following: Each box has about 50 books or more inside

1. "Festival Worship" arrangements by Don Marsh
2. 'Holy Ground"  12 arrangements (2 are by Don Marsh and Tom Fettke)
3. "Crusade Choir Volume One" arranged by W. Elmo Mercer
4. "Marvelous Grace" arranged by Dave Williamson
5. "Ready To Sing" arranged by Russell Mauldin
6. "Lanny Wolfe Festival Choir" arranged by Don Marsh
7. a box of miscellaneous choir books from worship to Christmas
8. 40/60 of "Silent Strength" arranged by David Clydesdale and "Rick Powell's Sunday Choir"
9. "Songs of Revival" The Benson Company
10. "Let there Be Praise 3" arranged by Bill Wolaver
11. "Let there Be Praise" arranged by Phil Perkins, plus books "Lift Him Up, All Ye People" arranged by Don Marsh

The first to pick them up is the owner.
Contact Marlon King with questions - (513-884-0623)

(posted - 5/11/2017)


Furniture available from Great Springs Church of the Nazarene in Smithfield. They have two light wood kneelers, a matching pulpit and a communion table. All pieces are matching. There is also a keyboard(programable). Please contact Kelly Padgett for more information -
(posted - 6/2/2016)


For anyone collecting older manuals,
Rev. Athan Burch has the following years available:
2- 1976
3- 1980
And 2001-2005

You can contact Rev. Athan Burch at 703-670-2252
(posted - 5/26/2016)