Annual Meeting Preparations

District Assembly -- Awards & Recognition Worksheet


The reports that you will need to fill out are:

The Annual Pastor's Report worksheet - use this form to complete your annual report, then login to your Nazarene Account at and file your report there. Print report, sign it, and email/mail it to Rev. Bill Dillon.

Oral Report & Ministry Highlight - These two reports need to be submitted to the DRC -

The Church Certificate of Elections - make sure that you list all of your elected delegates and alternates. If their names are not on this report, they are not eligible to be seated for district assembly. Print report, sign it, and email/mail it to Rev. Bill Dillon.

Alternate Delegate Seating for Assembly - this form must be signed by the pastor and brought to district assembly to seat any alternates.

NMI Convention Delegates - Click Here

NYI Convention Delegates - Click Here to download the form. Please complete and return to Tina Nelson - or by mail to 10311 Cooktown Rd, Bridgewater, VA. 22812

The Deceased Church Members form - Please include only those who were church members at the time of their demise. If you did not have anyone pass away, please return the form with your church's name and N/A on the form. Print report, sign it, and email/mail it to Rev. Bill Dillon.

District Journal church officers update - This will be emailed out to all lead/senior pastors. Please update your current listing marking any changes you may make in red. Please include an email address for everyone on your list. Then, email the list back to Rev. Bill Dillon in a Word document, not a PDF file.

Tracy Spaur Lay Servant Nomination Form - This form should be completed and send to the DRC-

GS Growth Award Worksheet

If you have ordained elders or district licensed ministers on your staff or if you have retired elders in your church, please make sure that they download the proper report form and return it to Rev. Bill Dillon. All elders and district licensed ministers are required by Manual to file a yearly report.

Additional Forms you may need: