Step 6 :: Ordination

RECEIVE YOUR ORDINATION CREDENTIAL :: Ordination is a privilege, not a right.  When a candidate has completed all requirements for ordination, the candidate can request that he or she be ordained.  This request must be approved by the District Board of Ministry, the District Assembly and the General Superintendent in jurisdiction.  When the approvals are granted the candidate is ordained at the Annual District Assembly. A slightly different application packet must be completed by those preparing for ordination.


When applying for Ordination both an application for District License and application for Ordination must be completed.

The Ordination Application Packet is below.

Please return each form to the Virginia District Resource Center by one of the following methods;  save this form 'Save As' to your computer and attach it in an email to or mail a printed copy of the form to District Resource Center, 5906 Harbour Park Drive, Midlothian, VA 23112.
If you submit the form electronically, you may sign the form at your scheduled credential meeting.

(1) Application for District License 
(2) Ordination/Recognition Questionnaire 
(3) Essay and Questionnaire
(4) Completed Background Check Form
          * A new background check is required before ordination,
            so please complete this form even if you have had a
            background check through the Virginia District previously.

            Please note that there is a $20.00 cost for processing your 
            background check. Your background check will be incomplete
            and you will be unable to schedule your appointment
           until this payment has been received.

(5) Church Board Recommendation Form
        * Receiving a district minister's license (as well as receiving
          a recommendation from your local church for a district license)
          is privilege and not a right. This form should be completed
          out of your involvement and relationship with your pastor and
          local church board. Please work with your pastor and board
          for the completion of this form.

      ** When an individual is serving as a local church's senior pastor,
          the District Advisory Board (not the local church board)
          recommends that individual for a new/renewed license.